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Relocation Services

Type of Service Service Charge
STB / DVD / HD ZAPPER / HD DVR / Sat TV / Only ODU / Table
Top for Satellite LCD or DDB LCD or DDB LED
Wall Mount for Satellite LCD / Sound Bar / DDB LCD / DDB LED
Only De - Install Any Product Including ODU / LCD Table Top or Wall Mount Rs. 150
Re - Installation with existing ODU assy of Customer
(Within / Outside Premises)
Rs. 250 Rs. 450
Both De - Installation & Re - Installation with existing ODU assy of Customer
(Within Same Premises)
Rs. 350 Rs. 500
Note :
Material Charges in Addition to above mentioned Service Charges
Only Single Universal LNBF - Rs 240
Only Dual Universal LNBF - Rs 500
Only Quad Universal LNBF - Rs 675
Only ODU Accessories - Rs 125
Only ODU Black Back Part - Rs 75
Only Reflector without Accessories - Rs 250
Complete ODU Assembly (excluding LNBF) - Rs 500
RG6 Cable - Rs 12 per meter (Applicable after 10 meter in case of Relocation Work Order)
Only RG 6 Connector - Rs 25 per Connector (if more than 2 Connectors are used in case of Relocation Work Order)

- Material Charges (if Consumed) are in addition to above mentioned Service Charges.
- For example : - STB is De Installed & Re - Installed within Same Premise & Only ODU Accessories is used than Charges to Customer will be Rs 475 the details of which are Rs 350 (Service) + Rs 125 (Material : ODU Accessories).
- Realignment Warranty for Relocation is 3 month, if any complaint received within 1 month due to wrong Re - Installation than no Service Charge will be taken.
- The above mentioned Service charges are at Sole descreation of BBCL and the same can be ammended at any point of time by BBCL, without any prior information.