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About Us

Company Profile

Videocon d2h, the DTH arm of Videocon group is the fastest growing DTH service provider in India. Videocon d2h has 600 Channels and Services on its platform. It uses MPEG – 4 DVBS -2 technology. It has many features like Multiple Tickers, 12 PIP Mosaic, 21 Active Music Audio Video Channels, d2h movies. It carries 15 sports channels and all GEC channels on its platform.

Videocon d2h has been awarded the 4th most successful brand launch of the year 2009 across all product categories in the Brand Derby survey carried out by Business Standard. Along with HD, subscribers will also be able to enjoy 3D content and experience the new world of television entertainment on our HD-Digital Video Recorder with 3D.

In addition to all popular television channels, the Videocon d2h platform will offer many new features and interactive services, thus providing a wonderful viewing experience to consumers.


To be a DTH category innovator with most advanced products and services


To strive towards making brand Videocon d2h, the highest top of the mind recall in the DTH category with strongest brand equity and most satisfied customer base

Major Events
Calendar Year Event
2002 Incorporation of our Company
2009 DTH Services launched in July 2009
2010 Achieved One million gross subscriber base
2011 Launched HD DVR with 3D
2012 Achieved five million gross subscriber base
Title Sponsor of the Kings XI Punjab Team in the Indian Premiere League 2012
Achieved six million gross subscriber base
2009 Recognized as one of the most successful brand launches across product categories at the Business Standard Brand Derby
2012 Received a silver trophy for the “Best Search Engine Optimization Campaign” by the Indian Digital Media Awards 2012

Technology and Infrastructure

We use state-of-the-art MPEG-4 technology, which permits high compression for video and DVB-S2 technology, which allows more efficient transmission of satellite signals. We currently lease eight transponders with the Ku-band space capacity on the ST-2 satellite of SingTel. This technology and access to these eight transponders allows us to transmit over 444 channels and services.

To consolidate programming content, ensure its digital quality, and transmit that content to our satellite transponders, we have a digital broadcast center, located in Greater Noida. Substantially all of the functions necessary to provide satellite-delivered services occur at our digital broadcast center. Programming is received by our digital broadcast center from channel or content providers via satellite, which is then decrypted.

Technology and Infrastructure

Equipment at our digital broadcast center then digitizes, compresses, multiplexes, compresses and encrypts all of our programming signals into digital video streams prior to uplink to the ST-2 satellite of SingTel. The equipment we use has been sourced from vendors who we believe are industry leaders such as Harmonic International Limited for compression, Evertz Microsystems Limited and Harris Communications Limited for baseband, Irdeto B.V. for encryption and General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies for uplink. We also operate a subscriber management system at our digital broadcast center in Greater Noida.

We entered into the Ku-Band Lease Agreement, with the Department of Space for the lease of Ku-band space segment capacity on the ST-2 satellite of SingTel. We currently lease eight 54 Mhz transponders of the ST-2 satellite. Under the Ku-band Lease Agreement, the Department of Space is required to make available to us the Ku-band space segment on a “24 hours a day, seven days a week” basis, for the period of the lease and in the event of any technical non-compliance of a satellite transponder, the Department of Space is required to provide an alternate transponder to us at the same orbital position with similar technical performance and specifications. We are not allowed to assign any of our rights or delegate any of our obligations under the Ku-band Lease Agreement without the prior consent of the Department of Space. Further, we are not allowed to sub-lease the leased capacity without the prior consent of the Department of Space, except to group companies and affiliates.

Under the Ku-band Lease Agreement, we are required to pay to Antrix Corporation, the commercial division of the Department of Space, the cost of transponder provisioning charges for eight transponders on the ST-2 satellite, contract management charges and the amount of income tax to be withheld on the full transponder provisioning cost, as applicable.

The Ku-band Lease Agreement will stand terminated if the DTH license granted to us by the MIB is not renewed after expiry or is cancelled by the Government of India. Any termination of the Ku-band Lease Agreement due to non-fulfillment of payment obligations by us or due to cancellation or non-renewal of the DTH license does not absolve us of liabilities incurred under the Ku-band Lease Agreement, accrued till date of termination. Upon the termination of the Ku-band Lease Agreement or upon the end of the lease period, the use of the leased capacity so terminated or expired unconditionally reverts to the Department of Space.

Satellite Info

Videocon d2h has 9 transponders on Satellite ST-2. Videocon d2h is aligned at 88° East on the Clark Belt. It has the best Satellite Footprint across India covering even the remotest area which in turn makes its signals best in the industry.


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