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DTH- Direct To Home

DTH, which stands for direct to home is a way of broadcasting and viewing directly to homes. DTH in India has grown tremendously since its inception in the year 2005. Today there are 6 DTH service providers in our country, with an overall viewership of approximately 22 million. Today the DTH market share is 20% of the overall market of 135 million.

Gaining popularity of Direct to home (DTH) and increasing number of subscribers day by day reflects the quality and enhanced viewing experience of the customer. All this is possible because of the technological changes in the information and broadcasting sector. Dish connected at the roof top which collect digital dth signals from the satellites and deliver quality experience to our homes.

DTH service providers are now armed with many innovative features and services which aren’t imaginable with the cable operator before. Online movie on demand, recording programs, Pausing live telecast, High definition channels & interactive services are some of the features which distinct them from cable operators. One of the reasons of success of DTH is its reach and availability to deliver best services at the remotest location of the country where the cable operators has not reached yet. Now DTH has started becoming a part of rural India.

Sooner we would be stepping towards an era where cable operators would find difficult to sustain the dominance of DTH players. As DTH would be a part of every consumer life and till then they would have been used to of such viewing delight.