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Indian Values

What are Indian Values

If there is one thing that Indians have always stressed on, they are our values that give us a common identity. These are values like peaceful co-existence, spirituality, deference to elders, recourse to nature, artistic expression, seeking prosperity, strong family ties, respecting even the tools of your trade, joyousness and hospitality.

Being helpful towards our friends, neighbours and even strangers is also core to Indian values. While individualism is a recent concept, the traditional Indian approach is to be responsible towards one’s family, rather than break away to pursue individual dreams.

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Preserving Indian Values

The world has changed a lot in the last few years. Indian values have also lost the sheen on their greatness and goodness and there is a slide downwards. People don’t think twice before exploiting even their own kith and kin to achieve material wealth. High ideals of patriotism, selfless devotion to society, sacrifice and service are hollow words for them. Honesty is no more, best policy. Helping others even at the cost of one’s comfort is no longer the norm and the entire goal is achieving material goals.

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Maintain Indian Values with Videocon d2h

Even in this difficult scenario, Videocon d2h is committed towards maintaining Indian Values. For example, the unique feature of Unlimited Recording in its HD Set Top Box allows you to record any particular programme on television. Whether it is a Live or a scheduled programme, you can attend to your guests at your house or talk with your family members and then watch the programme at leisure.

The most recent innovation of Wireless Headphones is also a big step in that direction. This facility allows a consumer to listen to any TV programme without disturbing others in the room. The user can wear the headphones and move around in the room, while other family members can carry on with their work in the room without any botheration.

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