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Relocation Services

Type of Service Service Charge
STB / DVD / HD ZAPPER / HD DVR / Sat TV / Only ODU / Table
Top for Satellite LCD or DDB LCD or DDB LED
Wall Mount for Satellite LCD / Sound Bar / DDB LCD / DDB LED
Only De - Install Any Product Including ODU / LCD Table Top or Wall Mount Rs. 150
Re - Installation with existing ODU assy of Customer
(Within / Outside Premises)
Rs. 250 Rs. 450
Both De - Installation & Re - Installation with existing ODU assy of Customer
(Within Same Premises)
Rs. 350 Rs. 500
Note :
Material Charges in Addition to above mentioned Service Charges
Only Single Universal LNBF - Rs 225
Only Dual Universal LNBF - Rs 500
Only Quad Universal LNBF - Rs 675
Only ODU Accessories - Rs 125
Only ODU Black Back Part - Rs 75
Only Reflector without Accessories - Rs 250
Complete ODU Assembly (excluding LNBF) - Rs 375
Complete ODU Assembly (including LNBF) - 600
RG6 Cable - Rs 12 per meter for full cable length
Only RG 6 Connector - Rs 25 per Connector (if more than 2 Connectors are used in case of Relocation Work Order)

- Material Charges (if Consumed) are in addition to above mentioned Service Charges.
- For example : - STB is De Installed & Re - Installed within Same Premise & Only ODU Accessories is used than Charges to Customer will be Rs 475 the details of which are Rs 350 (Service) + Rs 125 (Material : ODU Accessories).
- Realignment Warranty for Relocation is 1 month, if any complaint received within 1 month due to wrong Re - Installation then no Service Charge will be taken.
- The above mentioned Service charges are at Sole discretion of Videocon d2h Limited (Formerly known as Bharat Business Channel Limited) and the same can be amended at any point of time by Videocon d2h Limited (Formerly known as Bharat Business Channel Limited), without any prior information.