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Radio frequency remote with earphones

What is Radio frequency remote with earphones

This unique feature is available at Videocon d2h, where the RF remote can be used to change channels or adjust volume, without pointing it at the STB. The RF remote can be pointing in any direction and will work even if there is an obstruction in front of the STB.

Further attaching the earphones to the RF remote allows the user to listen to TV programmes without disturbing others. You can either watch your favourite serial, a movie or even a sports event without disturbing others in the room.

RF Remote With Earphone


The main feature of RF remote is an out of sight and out of line communication, which allows the user freedom to use this from any direction. In fact, it is estimated that around one fifth of all remotes with have the RF technology by 2018.

Why is it awesome

The RF remote gives the freedom to point this in any direction while changing channels or any other function while watching television. The user does not have to necessarily have to point this towards the STB. Further, even obstructions like walls and furnitures do not pose any difficulty while using the RF remote. Even distance is no problem while carrying out these functions.

What is personalised viewing

Using the RF remote provides the user with the most wonderful and personalised TV experience. The reason for this is that attaching the earphones to the remote allows the user to listen to the TV programme without disturbing others in the room. Other persons in the room can carry out their routine activities without any difficulty or distraction. In fact, the RF remote allows you to watch TV without disturbing others and maintain Indian Values.

How much should I pay

You now only have to pay a special introductory price of Rs 1990, instead of Rs 2490.

You can purchase this item through the website www.videocond2h.com. After checking the compatibility of your STB for RF remote with earphones, you have to enter your Customer ID to place the order. The payment has to be made online after which the items will be delivered to you.


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