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Videocon Premiere Club Terms and Conditions

a) For the purposes of this Scheme, CPE shall mean the Set Top Box including its Adapter and also the Outdoor (ODU) Unit which in turn includes the Dish Antenna, LNB and Connector.

b) Remote control unit and its battery(s) are excluded from this Scheme.

c) Subscribers joining the Scheme shall not be charged with any service charges and visiting charges, save and except dismantling or relocation charges.

d) A Subscriber has to register the request for availing the type of VPC Scheme detailed above by calling the call centre, submitting his/her Subscriber ID number, basis which service request would be created by our call centers.

e) On generation of Work Order, the BBCL authorized engineer would visit the premises and shall carry out a technical inspection of the CPE prior to commencement of the Scheme to any subscriber. If any kind of damage or defect is found in the CPE at the time of such inspection, then the same shall not be covered under this Scheme and the subscriber shall be charged for the repair/ replacement of the same, prior to commencement of the Scheme.

f) After inspection of the CPE the services would be activated under the Scheme on payment by subscriber(s) through recharge of the amount of the applicable charges which amount shall be debited from the Subscriber DTH account.

g) VPC Scheme to be effective 15 days from the date of execution and subscription to VPC scheme.

h) The VPC Scheme charges shall be credited in the DTH account of the Subscriber which shall be subsequently debited against the VPC Scheme and not against Subscription of package(s)/channel(s)

i) The subscribers shall be entitled for benefits in the form of free repairs, services and upkeep in respect of the CPE as mentioned above and will not be charged with any service charges or visiting charges. The subscribers shall also be entitled to replacement of defective/damaged CPE or part(s) of the CPE free of cost, in case such CPE or part thereof is damaged or rendered defective due to force majeure. The defective CPE or part(s) thereof shall be BBCL’s property.

j) The subscribers who have completed the warranty period will have similar benefits bestowed, if they opt for this Scheme and besides the extension of warranty period they would also be eligible for all benefits as above.

k) Subscribers agree that these terms and conditions are applicable to this Scheme alone and he/she continuous to be governed by the terms & conditions of the Customer Agreement Form (CAF) independently.

l) A specific identification number (VPC Scheme ID) will be allotted to subscribers on receipt of Scheme charges and will be intimated through SMS on RTN.

m) In case of any fault in the Set Top Box, BBCL would swap the Set Top Box. BBCL would thereafter, take the faulty Set Top Box from the customer.

n) BBCL shall not be liable in any manner under contract or tort, for any consequential loss, damage or inconvenience (a) arising out of the malfunctioning of the CPE or any part(s) thereof and/or the disruption of the service or quality of service and/ or any corrective upkeep of the CPE, (b) delay in performance, or non-performance, of any of its obligations due to any reason outside the reasonable control of BBCL or due to reasons not attributable to BBCL.

o) Scheme, the rights thereunder and the amounts of subscription applicable to the Scheme are neither transferable nor refundable or reversible in any manner whatsoever.

p) The Subscriber may register his complaint(s), by calling the BBCL Helpline.

q) This Scheme once opted for shall under no circumstances can be cancelled or modified and the Subscriber shall not be entitled to claim any refund of any sum or sums from BBCL which the Subscriber might have already deposited.

r) BBCL shall have the sole discretion to renew or extend the Term of Scheme subject to requisite payments.

s) The charges are applicable only on Active accounts. In case of deactivation, the subscriber will not be allowed the extension for such discontinued period.

t) The primary and or the multi-room charges will vary and shall be applicable from the date of signing the agreement.

u) BBCL can change the terms and condition of this Scheme at any time without prior notice and liability to you. The decision of BBCL to allow or disallow or extend the Scheme to any subscriber shall be final.

v) BBCL shall be under no obligation to provide any service under this Scheme in case of improper use of the CPE or unauthorized alterations, modifications or substitutions of any part thereof.

w) In the event of any and all disputes or controversies arising out of or in connection with the interpretation of the provisions of this service commitment, the decision of BBCL shall be final and binding on the Subscribers.

# Applicable to Annual Membership and to those who have already not subscribed