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DTH Digital Set Top Box

DTH services have taken TV viewing to another level where you can enjoy watching TV in High Definition. You can record live TV and rewind and play it. To enjoy digital TV viewing experience one needs to have 3 things - TV, Reflector (dish) and a Digital Set Top Box. All three play a very important part. TV is the final output medium for the TV viewing experience .The reflector (Dish) captures the signal sent by the satellite and sends it to the Digital Set Top Box (STB). The digital set top box then converts the signals and sends it to the Television (TV) to be transmitted.

The digital set top box has a Smart Card Slot where you need to insert your Smart Card. Your DTH service won't work until you insert the smart card in the smart card slot. The fastest growing DTH service in India Videocon d2h has one of the most advanced Digital Set Top Box. Videocon d2h's Digital Set Top Box has features like

Mosaic (12 PIP) - Which is according to the Genre.

Favorites- which has your favorite channels,

Preview Screen- Where you can see multiple channels in one screen,

Tickers- Where you can get all the channel updates.

And many more interactive services. You can view Videocon d2h's Digital Set Top Box on the products page. You can book Videocon d2h Digital Set Top Box online as well.