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There are many Cable tv operatorsin India who have made it possible for people to view many television channels in the past and present. But as per the digitization bill passed by the government of India every tv connection has to be digitized.

The cable operators who fail to change their systems will not be able to provide services to their subscribers. TV Viewers who are on analog cable services will face blackout. The best thing to be done in such a situation is to go and subscribe to a digital set top box to enjoy watching television in digital picture quallity. There are few cable set top boxand digital tv set top box already available in the market, which makes it difficult to choose the best one. Before subscribing to any digital set top box one should consider many points like the number of channels & services, number of HD channels, active services, audio and video quality.

Videocon d2h comes up with a digital set top box which excels in all the above mentioned points. Digital Set Top boxes of Videocon d2h are packed with features which are lacking in cable set top box. Videocon d2h offers features like maximum 22 Asli "HD" channels, Movies on Demand, 3D channel, multiple tickers, 12 PIP Mosaic, multilingual channel guide, info bar, favorite's and many more.

Videocon d2h also offers Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) connections. If you and your neighbors wish to subscribe to Videocon d2h you can have a single MDU dish (reflector ) on your terrace and avoid the unnecessary clutter of wires and reflectors. The cable tv operatorsoften make the buildings terrace cluttered with wires which are connected all over the terrace. During bad weather the cable tv boxdoesn't receive signals and thus spoils your tv viewing experience. Videocon d2h MDU subscribers wont face this problem as the signals received on MDU are not affected by bad weather conditions.

The service provided by the cable tv operatorsare not customer oriented. Subscribers pay for the channels that they do not watch like regional channels. Most of the cable tv operators do not have call centers. On the other hand with Videocon d2h subscribers can pick and choose channels that they want to watch and make their own package. Videocon d2h has call centers which are always delighted 2 help.

As digitization is around the corner, it's the best time to change from cable to digital tv set top box . Say good bye to the cable tv operatorsand shift to Videocon d2h, which is India's fastest growing dth service.

You can subscribe to Videocon d2h online by clicking on the following link d2honline.com